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sup bitches?

Date: 2007-06-21 17:38
Subject: h!
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you'd never even guess.
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Date: 2007-02-20 13:50
Subject: ha ha ha
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Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - Cite This Source

The word über comes from the German language. It is a cognate of both Latin super and Greek ύπερ (hyper), as well as English over (as in "overkill"). During the 2000s, über also became a synonym for super; e.g. übercool = supercool, generally with a slightly intensified meaning. Über is commonly written as uber in English, though with slightly different meaning.

The normal transliteration for the 'ü'-Umlaut when changing from German would be ue, not just 'u'; however, it could be argued that the English Language use of the word uber is a new word distinct from ueber. This is because English is defined by common use of words, which dictionaries and academia record, not the reverse. The use of 'ü', 'u', and 'ue' in the word is an emerging trend in common usage with no clear consensus.
Uses in German
In German, über is used as a prefix as well as a separate word. In the latter case, it may be a preposition or an adverb depending on context. Eg. über etwas sprechen - speak about something, über die Brücke - over the bridge, übernehmen - take over (nehmen = take).

Über also translates to over, above and super. The actual translation depends on context. One example would be the term Übermensch from Friedrich Nietzsche, which translates to super human or superman (literally "overhuman"). It is assumed that it is via this translation that the word über entered the English vocabulary (cf. calque).

In German online slang it can also be used with the same meaning as the English usages of "uber" by gamers. In this case, it is typically written without the umlauts—despite the ready availability and familiarity of the 'ü' character—in part to distinguish it from its original meaning. Linguistically speaking, it's interesting to note that a language can borrow a loan word that it already loaned out, as long as the meaning has changed sufficiently. In the most cases of this usage, it is borrowed directly as Denglisch, or an English word/phrase that has been fitted adhoc into the German language.

so i guess it really does mean "over"..so in a sense i have been using it the right way all along.
pretty happy about that.
john makes me think occasionally
and what am i doing updating this journal

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Date: 2006-09-21 23:51
Subject: (no subject)
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so lets give a recovering drug addict coke
fucking smart you stupid worthless piece of shit
that is my SISTER
fuck off
i hate you so much.


fuck offffffffffffff


new journal
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Date: 2006-09-20 10:12
Subject: (no subject)
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i've had a new journal for awhile now.
you guys just hate me

today feels like the morning after my 19th b-day.
minus the drinking and other events of the night previous to it.

i miss my life from then, buti wouldn't trade what i have no for the world

i haven't seen ron since august 19th
i haven't actually talked to him since...oh two weeks before that.
and the 19th was his party. hahaha
i sat with silas amy and mike the entire time. clay was in there a lot too.
him and danyell are dating now, whatever, she got him, congrats.
vince and him are talking again. thats good.
danyell is still a whore to me
who does that to friends?

i'm going to go ...not be updating my eljay?

add my other one puhlease?
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Date: 2006-08-29 13:11
Subject: (no subject)
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Carlie- I know i've said this about 45 times now, but i still love you as a friend, i know we can't ever be what we were, but i'd like to be friends again. i never wanted to forget what we had, i said that out of anger, everything i was was out of anger, you aren't white trash, nor are you a hooker, well...we've had our moments. lol. i think these past almost 4 years is too much to just never talk again. i'm not saying we'll ever be "best friends" but at least we've both grown up a bit. i'm not trying to erase the past with a new livejournal, i just made one for the hell of it. i was bored one night. it sucks us not being what we were, alex turned 7, my uncle doug*remember him. the one who made fun of our boots* had a heart attack :'( i got a new job i'm doing good with for once. gingers still obnoxious as hell, callies doing bad again. just kind of miss you a lot. i mean. i don't want to give up, but if you think we should?.....most of the other stuff i said was too personal to be put in here, so if you'll talk to me on AIM or myspace or something. i'd greatly like that, i don't want to lost you in my life, we had so many wonderful times together.
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Date: 2006-08-19 09:11
Subject: (no subject)
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<3 thanks
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Date: 2006-08-19 08:25
Subject: (no subject)
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i think i'm going to start anew with a new livejournal
no more bullshit.
i'll post the name later
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Date: 2006-08-16 12:45
Subject: (no subject)
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well today Alex is 7, thats crazy.
uhm a few days back..sunday yeah..then i hung out with steve, we basicly just sat around my house, and he violated my room 0_o
and thennnnn monday i hung out with vince and amy like usual, went up to the bar next to cherrybomb and hung out with ROB<3 i love him so much, and some stupid skank he was with. lol
uhm some interesting events happened that night, i was kind of angry..okay i was really fucking angry :'(
but everything with that is fine again
lots of chad time comming up in October. i'm so excited!!!
just as i thought i was done peeling. i started again

i got the job at Quiznos.
i got a second interview at State Farm
two jobs=money=everything gets paid off=yay!
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Date: 2006-08-11 12:42
Subject: whatcha gunna do with this balla?
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Music:london bridge-fergie
so. yes. life.

i miss people :'(
i honestly miss carlie alot. but that doesn't seem to be changing. i said things i shouldn't of. but i really don't think chris had a right to say anything to me about what was in my livejournal. whatever.

things with ron are okay i guess. i dunno what to think have the time. we get along great, we aren't "official" or anything, but hes not seeing anyone else, and i'm not really either. i enjoy spending time with him, he's a great guy. i guess i'll just have to wait and find out eh?

vince is a great help friendship wise. he understands this situation better than anyone else. . . i don't feel right telling many people about certian things. hes a great person to talk to. i really appreciate him just being there for me. like when i freaked out on sunday at his house and was like "FUCK A WHOLE BUNCH OF THIS" and stormed off and ron, pautki, and kyle just looked at me like...wtf. well none of them knew. although i must admit later when we were in the backyard and i was talking to ron and amy walks up to ask me if i was okay and i was all like FOUR FUCKING YEARS OF MY LIFE GFOOOOOOOOOONEEEEEEEEEEEEee. i was so drunk...eek i shouldn't drink when i'm like that. haha they were all so confused.

amys always there. but right now i don't know what i want. and i can't call myself someones best friend. or call someone mine. i desperatly want things to work out.

as per usual, i do not think i'm doing anything tonight, which is nothing new, i'll probably sit here on my computer and be lame 0_o

and now i'm off to gas up the car, and go to my interview.
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Date: 2006-08-07 19:12
Subject: (no subject)
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i just had the best conversation ever.

me-"yeah so i explained it to him but using diff people"
josh-"...is he a fucking idiot? he just was all concerned about his g/f cheating with that one kid like 3 months ago. and i know how he was about ******...and he didn't get it when shes getting trashed with other guys and gets hickeys that aren't from him, and you two hadn't hung out?"
josh-"and he didn't get it? wow. seriously. stupid much?"

oh god that was so fucking funny i love you joshua
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